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This is a unique Sports Betting service - providing all the statistics, tips, and professional advice you need to start claiming regular, exciting payouts - just from following sport.

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* How to bet 'in-running' and bank a profit in minutes

*Winners! - Tips and advice from our resident odds compilers
*Learn how YOU can profit from all sports - from Football to Ice Hockey, to Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, American Football, Formula One - Sports Xtra covers it all and shows YOU how to WIN.

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Our guide to opening an onilne account - and how to place your first bet

29th October 2009

Opening an online account 

In the last few years betting online has become very popular. Using this method, you can place bets quickly and easily from any computer with an internet connection. You can check and compare prices at your leisure, and bet at a...


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Sam Attwater remains the red hot favourite to win this year's Dancing on Ice after once again topping the judges' score


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