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'Thanks for all the work that goes into your "Sports Extra" production - I find it very interesting and frequently useful. Highbury's final goal scorer, for example! Well done to point out that one'.
RW, email

'The work you do in collecting information for us is spot on. You've been brilliant with advice and I've made a few quid from the stats and facts from you. Cheers'.
SB, email

'I am writing to complement you on your publications and service. Keep up the good work and I am sure we will all be happy over the coming months'.
IP, email

'This is just to thank the team for the helpful information, especially the table (you) drew up last week regarding the points system. As a novice I found this very helpful and timesaving'.
BA, email

'Once again, a fascinating read with plenty of helpful pointers to think about. Thank you very much!' Simon, email 'Keep up the good work, excellent service'.
MM, email

'I would like to congratulate you on the new look. The boxes with additional explanations are very useful for novice bettors like me. I now trust that I will get a better understanding of what I am doing when placing the bets. Thanks also for the suggested bookmakers, saves a lot of searching around. Keep up the sterling work'.

'Even with all your research and expertise i didn`t expect just 2losing bets - have you got a crystal ball at oxfordshire press or what?Seriously though, brilliant service. I bow to your supreme knowledge. Thanks team'.

'Hi Matt, I am new to spread betting, but have been doing it for 5-6 weeks and have been placing small stakes on corners, bookings points and of course mini performance and am yet to make a loss. I average about 4 spreads a weekend and 2 in the week. I have made weekly profits of at least £75 since spreading. The moral is of course, be sensible! Thanks for the Stats'.

'Hi everybody i think what you send me and the work you do in collecting information for us is spot on. You've been brilliant with advice and iv made a few quid from the stats and facts from you cheers'.

Here are some of the good things subscribers from
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'Hi wow could not believe it,nice profit missed a few of the bets with bet365 they were very quick to get their prices down,also missed the spread on wides so went for fixed still a winner,thanks again, turned in a nice earner Cheers'.

'Excellent result on Arsenal/Chelsea where all my fixed odds bets came up. The fixed odds bet was home and dry by half time. I personally put a very modest £2 per point on, but the bets returned a very healthy £87.45'.

'Thanks for an excellent service, The Sports Statistician is excellent.

'Having been a hugely unsuccessful sports gambler for a number of years (mainly on football ) I was fascinated by The Sports Statistician. Keep up the good work and I am sure we will all be happy over the coming months if your proven success with Sports Statistician goes on from strength to strength'.

'Hi Matt Thanks for your reply to my mail to you concerning my request for weeky tips on U.K Football pools matches for homes, aways wins and general draws.I must confess, never in my life time had i ever seen any statistical Fotball matches, teams analysis and betting tips that is as potent as the ones contained in The sports statistcian you attached to the mail you sent to me

'Hi all, I've been using Sports Stat for a few months now and am having good success with some of the featured bets. I haven't calculated my profits from this betting system, but It'sabout100points from 4 matches. I think you'll agree, this is a success story using your stats! I await to see if Crewe once again become the whipping boys, I hope so'.

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Cork dismissed from Dancing on Ice

Monday 31st January 2011

Sam Attwater remains the red hot favourite to win this year's Dancing on Ice after once again topping the judges' score


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